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Pretty Boy Flowers by missimoinsane

Visually I really enjoy the subject matter and the colors. Personally I enjoyed the pale colors of the photominipulations because you don't often see a parrot colored like that which gives it a unique twist. I would have loved to see that in this but the chromatic is still nice too. Overall your form and lighting is strong but I would suggest trying to avoid black when getting to your shadows. There are multitudes of colors in shadow and black can sometimes be utilized but often times will dull out the vibrancy of a piece. Another thing I would probably work on is some of you edges can get super sharp. Such as the leaves that extend out of the bouquet and it looks more like pixel art than a digital painting.

Overall it is really a great piece, I think the strongest part of the pice for me is the feather of the bird, as a view I can feel the miltitudes of layers in it.

Nice job :)
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missimoinsane Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much for what you said, I'll take it into concideration in future works I'm glad you liked this piece enough to give such a lovely and respectable crit!! Kind regards and all the best for 2013!!
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